Video: Ottawa’s Heron Road Cycle Tracks

I’ve just published my third YouTube video and am starting to get the hang of it!

More of a “showcase” project than a practical link at this point, Ottawa’s Heron Road Cycle Tracks show how cycling on a busy arterial road can be made much less stressful with physical separation and protected intersections. Once a couple of connecting projects are completed, this will form part of an east-west spine across the city. For now, at least you can ride from the bus station to Canadian Tire!

On my ride-along I provide an engineer’s commentary on what’s happening and where. This time, at the end I expanded on an area of the design that I felt could be improved – the side street crossings. Using vehicle turning simulations, I show how the corners are “oversized” and cycling and pedestrian comfort could be significantly improved without really impacting anyone negatively.

Though I wasn’t involved in this project, it’s not far from home for me and I hope that once more infrastructure is built in the area this becomes a route I use often.

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