A screenshot from the video This Intersection Design Will Save Lives by Oh The Urbanity!, in which Matt was interviewed about protected intersections

Matt is an emerging expert in the planning and design of streets and intersections that balance the needs of all road users. Matt has a master’s in civil engineering and six years of experience in transportation planning and engineering, specializing in active transportation facility design, complete streets, and first and last-mile access to transit. In 2020, Matt was recognized as the Young Professional of the Year by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP).

OTM Book 18: Cycling Facilities Update

The second version of “Book 18”, the cycling design manual for the province of Ontario, features a major overhaul from the original version with a focus on physically separated infrastructure and advanced safety measures at intersections.

Matt was one of the authors of the update, and produced the updated guidance on cycling facilities, advisory bike lanes, bicycle parking, and curbside management. Matt also managed the production of all new graphics (nearly 100 in total).

Finally, Matt continues to serve as a lead trainer for the guide, delivering full- and half-day training workshops to municipal and consulting staff to build knowledge about the new guide. Matt has helped train over 200 professionals across Ontario to-date.

Matt contributed to this project as an employee of Alta Planning + Design, Inc., and led trainings as an employee of WSP.

Ottawa Protected Intersection Design Guide

Ottawa’s Protected Intersection Design Guide is the single most comprehensive guide published in Canada and the US for the design of this type of infrastructure. Covering preliminary and detailed design as well as construction and maintenance, the guide will enable Ottawa’s continued leadership in protected intersection design, and inspire many others to follow in its path.

Matt served as a contributing technical author for the development of this guide including planning, functional and detailed design guidance for Ottawa’s implementation of protected intersections.

Matt was foundational in developing the overall guide’s layout and contents. He conducted an observational study on user behaviours at existing protected intersections, developed graphics for the guide, and authored the functional design guidance section.

Matt contributed to this project as an employee of Alta Planning + Design, Inc.

Toronto York U Cycling Connections

This project includes the design and construction of 1.5 lane-km of all-ages-and-abilities cycling infrastructure connecting Finch West TTC Station, York University, and the Finch West Hydro Corridor Trail in Toronto. The project is scheduled for completion in 2022 and will include Toronto’s first full protected intersection.

Matt served as the design coordinator for this assignment, guiding a multidisciplinary team of civil and electrical engineers, road safety experts, landscape architects, and accessibility experts.

The challenging project featured many unique elements that required careful coordination with City staff including a fully-protected right turn with transit signal priority (TSP), an island-platform bus stop, unique accessibility treatments, green streets features such as “green gutters”, and a significant narrowing of an existing roadway.

Matt contributed to this project as an employee of Alta Planning + Design, Inc.

Metrolinx Bike Infrastructure Design Standard

Metrolinx’s Bike Infrastructure standard guides the design of linear cycling infrastructure and bike parking at all GO Transit facilities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The standard is helping to inform the construction of over 20 secure bike parking facilities and over 1,000 total secure bike parking spaces as part of the GO Expansion program.

Matt served as the lead author for this standard, after noticing inconsistencies in how bike infrastructure was being implemented across the GO Rail network. Matt coordinated and led working groups to propose and approve guidance related to secure bike parking rooms, bike racks, dedicated cycling access to stations, cyclist dismount policy, and addressing conflicts with motorists and pedestrians at station facilities.

Matt contributed to this project as an employee of Metrolinx.

Ottawa Preliminary Design of 34 Protected Intersections

In response to growing concerns about the safety of cyclists at intersections across Ottawa, the City commissioned a study to develop concept designs for over 34 intersections to be rebuilt as “protected intersections”. The City of Ottawa has since integrated the designs into projects under development and has allocated dedicated funding to the design and construction of several of the intersections.

Matt served as the design coordinator for this project, which involved developing both interim safety measure recommendations and ultimate concept designs for all of the study intersections.

Matt conducted site visits and reviewed collision and traffic volumes data to inform recommendations, produced concept designs for all intersections, and supervised multiple CAD designers to complete the designs in an expedited timeframe. The majority of the ultimate intersection concepts included protected intersection elements and recommended consideration of protected signal phasing.

Matt contributed to this project as an employee of Alta Planning + Design, Inc.


BIKE MINDS is a storytelling event featuring positive and inspiring stories related to cycling. Started in 2018 at a small café in Toronto’s west end, BIKE MINDS has since expanded to multiple cities with stories shared from people all over the world. To-date, nearly 100 stories have been shared over 16 events, reaching a collective audience of thousands.

Matt co-founded BIKE MINDS in 2018, finding inspiration for the idea from a similar event he attended in the Netherlands in 2017. As executive director ever since, Matt has organized a team of several volunteers to deliver events and frequently hosts events himself.

More recently, Matt guided the transition of BIKE MINDS into the virtual event space, maintaining a strong audience and finding stories to be shared from all over the world. Matt has also supported other community groups in developing and delivering their own BIKE MINDS events in Halifax, Guelph, and Gatineau.