A Fantastic Day for Transit in Hamilton!

This morning, the Ontario Liberal Government announced that it would be providing full capital funding (of up to $1-billion) to build a new LRT line in Hamilton along the B-line corridor. The construction is expected to start in 2019 and the first phase of the line will run from McMaster University to the Queenston roundabout, with a spur connecting the line to the new James Street North GO Station in the north end.

A rendering of the new LRT vehicles traveling through the city on dedicated rights-of-way
A rendering of the new LRT vehicles traveling through the city on dedicated rights-of-way

This is such amazing news for Hamilton! A new LRT will mean new development, increasing land values, and a broader transit mode share for the city’s busiest transit corridor. It also aligns with Metrolinx’s strategy of developing the GO Network into an all-day, two-way service. This new connection to the GO station will bring in commuters from outside the city via transit, as well as provide a link for Hamilton’s residents to reach other cities. With major highways like the 403 and QEW quickly reaching capacity (see image below), there has never been a more vital time to pursue projects like this one.

This afternoon peak service map shows the Hamilton-bound 403 and QEW are nearly at capacity (Source: PanAM Games Transportation Framework)

I’ve often said that if I had the money to invest in real estate right now, I’d put my money in Hamilton. With today’s announcement, I feel this way more than ever. The city is poised for a boom – new transit, thriving universities, rising creative class, and increasing interest in active transportation infrastructure! I guess I’d better start saving…

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