BIKE MINDS: Tales of the Bicycle


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Picture a cyclist, and what do you see – a well-to-do downtowner riding a “fixie”, or a sporty suburbanite clad in Lycra? Look a little deeper though, and you may be surprised by what you find.

BIKE MINDS is a bicycle-themed storytelling event where guests share positive, personal, and inspiring stories related to cycling. Participants are invited to engage in thoughtful and inclusive conversations around a mutual appreciation for the bicycle. We welcome stories from all members of the cycling community, and aim to provide space for storytellers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

Our vision is a world where everyone can see themselves riding a bike.

Our mission is to change the way you feel about people who ride bikes, one story at a time.

Strategic Goals:

  • Create a space for positive and inclusive conversations about cycling
  • Provide space for storytellers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences
  • Promote the idea and importance of a culture of cycling
  • De-politicize cycling, by advocating with personal stories rather than statistics


Winter 2020

01/29 Ottawa Ottawa’s Debut BIKE MINDS event, at Mill St Brew Pub Recap
01/30 Toronto Bikes + Growth, at Curbside Cycle Recap
03/03 Toronto Bikes + Change, at Curbside Cycle TBD
04/05 Toronto Bikes + Boundaries, at the Ontario Bike Summit TBD


Winter 2019

01/30 Bikes + Travel Stories of epic bike trips, unexpected destinations, and the obstacles and adversity overcome along the way. Recap
02/27 Bikes + Career People who’ve built their lives around cycling as community leaders, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and researchers. Recap
03/31 Bikes + Community Stories from people who have found community through cycling, or created entirely new communities altogether. Recap

Summer 2018

07/31 BIKE MINDS Whitby: Celebrating Bike Culture Beyond the Core Exploring the cycling culture beyond downtown Toronto with stories unique to Durham Region. Info
08/26 BIKE MINDS featuring Modacity: Bikes + Transformation Stories of how cycling has transformed people’s lives, plus a story from Chris and Melissa Bruntlett of Modacity about their new book, Building the Cycling City. Recap

Winter 2018

01/17 Bikes + Belonging Exploring how bikes connect us to each other, and help form lasting relationships Recap
02/21 Bikes + Lifestyle A look at how cycling makes life work, and the people who have built their lives around it Recap
03/21 Bikes + Discovery Examining the role of the bicycle in discovering new places and people, and the adventures along the way Recap
04/18 Bikes + Identity Delving into how bicycling shapes people’s sense of self, at a very personal level Recap

The bicycle supports the first steps of newcomers to Toronto, brings us closer to friends and family, and teaches us more about ourselves than we ever could have imagined. Whether you’re a casual rider, a passionate advocate, or simply a fan of great storytelling, we hope you’ll join us in celebration of all the bicycle has to offer, at this positive and inclusive event.

BIKE MINDS is co-led by Matt Pinder, author of the blog Beyond the Automobile, and Michelle Kearns, transportation professional and cycling researcher at the University of Toronto.


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