Day 9: Microsoft Campus, Mount Si Hike

Lucky enough for me, the friend I’m staying with in Seattle works for one of the oldest tech companies out there, Microsoft. On Wednesday, I visited him around lunchtime and got a brief tour, and we went for lunch. The campus is huge! Literally tens of thousands of people work in the area. There were cafeterias everywhere, sports fields, outdoor green space… it seemed like the last thing anyone would want to do there is work! As another perk for Microsoft employees on the campus, all drinks are free, all the time – including pop, juice, energy drinks, coffee, espresso, etc.

After lunch we headed into the mountains and reached the base of Mount Si. With a peak height of 3900 feet, the top of Mount Si offers an amazing panoramic view of the Seattle area, and the nearby mountain range. Our hike was likely the toughest hike I’ve ever done – 8 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 3150 feet! But it was absolutely worth it.


No biking Wednesday, and I was definitely glad about that; the hike burned enough calories to keep me sore for quite some time after.


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