Day 2: Seawall, Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, North Vancouver

ImageYesterday I was lucky enough to get another beautiful day in Vancouver – and I took full advantage of it. I started with a tour of the Seawall, a fully paved, divided, multi-use path that covers the entire perimeter of the Vancouver waterfront. The path offers an amazing view of the harbor front in a way that would certainly not be accessible from a car, and provides safe, easy access to many key areas of the city.

View of the Lions Gate Bridge from Stanley ParkI then progressed along the Seawall into Stanley Park, a massive wilderness area just a few kilometres north of downtown. The park features an amazing train network, green space, authentic totem poles, and amazing views of the city as the elevations get quite high. Stanley Park then leads to the historic Lions Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge built in 1938 that connected Vancouver to North Vancouver and was considered a huge engineering feat for its time.
My goal after the bridge was simple – see how high I could get up the mountain. So, I followed the roads that led up, and 400 vertical metres later, I had a breathtaking view of the city before my eyes (and a lot of really expensive-looking homes, but I won’t get into that). After I’d finished taking in the view, I enjoyed a speedy cruise down the mountain, crossed the Lions Gate Bridge again, and completed my loop of Stanley Park. All in all, the route was 47km. What an amazing ride!

View of Vancouver from the peak

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